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Next Generation Equine Motorcoach Production Underway in the United States

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Next Generation Equine Motorcoach™ Production Underway in the United States
(Louisville, Ky.) – Equine Motorcoach™, the one of a kind all-in-one RV and horse transport company, has moved its manufacturing to the United States. The Coach was previously finished in Europe to take advantage of engineering and production quality that were unavailable in the North America marketplace when the company was founded.
The 2012 U.S. version will feature a four-horse configuration with fully loaded amenities on the interior and exterior. The interior has a spacious full bath, complete kitchen and multiple sleeping accommodations. The horse transport area has air ride suspension and European slant load configuration to provide our horses the best ride possible.
“Moving our manufacturing to the U.S. will give our customers all the ingenuity and manufacturing quality we are known for at a drastically reduced purchase price,” said Tom Stinnett, principal and Director of Sales for Equine Motorcoach™. “We are taking orders for new units while building a demonstration coach for display at horse shows and trade events.”
Kibbi LLC and Equine Motorcoach LLC signed an exclusive agreement to manufacture the widely known Equine Motorcoach™. The four-year old brand has achieved so much name recognition in North America that the partners in Equine Motorcoach LLC decided to move manufacturing to the U.S. after building a relationship with Kibbi LLC that included extensive engineering and design upgrades.
Kibbi LLC is an original equipment manufacturer of motorcoaches and heavy duty trailers as well as an up-fitter for custom designed interiors for specialty markets. Kibbi LLC uses commercial truck chassis manufactured by Freightliner and Volvo Motor Co. as it’s primary platforms for their current motorized product line. Interiors are designed using AutoCad computer design software and are custom built in a variety of lengths and sizes.
“We are excited to continue to produce a high quality vehicle that meets the needs of the U.S. equestrian market,” said Stinnett. “The new engineering plans incorporate what Americans like in their RVs along with our specialized horse transport area. We are pleased to secure these jobs for the U.S. through private investment and at no cost to the taxpayers.”
The first 2012 Equine Motorcoach™ is being built on a 560 hp Freightliner, Cascadia chassis with an Allison 4000 TRV automatic transmission.
For more information visit equinemotorcoach.com.


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