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Equine Motorcoach Arrives in its Kentucky Home Just in Time for the Derby!

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Photos available online: http://www.equinemotorcoach.com/Equine_Motorcoach/

Equine Motorcoach Contact:
Tom Stinnett
Louisville, Kentucky

Media Contact:
Julie Calzone

Equine Motorcoach Arrives in its Kentucky Home Just in Time for the Derby!

(Louisville, Ky.) - The first-ever motorized RV and all-in-one horse transport arrived at its home in the United States in Louisville, Kentucky just in time for the Kentucky Derby. Founded by co-owners Tom and Carolyn Stinnett and Julie Calzone, Equine Motorcoach caters to very active horse show participants while supporting equestrian efforts nationally and internationally.

"From the grounds of Windsor Castle to Louisville, Kentucky, we did it!" exclaimed Carolyn Stinnett, Equine Motorcoach principal. Stinnett traveled to the Royal Windsor Horse Show in England in 2006 with her friend, Julie Calzone. The women discovered this new type of horse and people transport at the show and along with Carolyn's husband, Tom, created a manufacturing company to produce their Equine Motorcoach.

The trio combined their expertise in the RV and horse industry with a high quality European product that was refined by Lehel Coach Builders in England. Tom and Carolyn own Stinnett RV, one of the nation's largest independent RV dealers, which is located in the Louisville area. Tom is the Co-Chair of the GoRVing national promotional campaign and he sits on the Board of Directors of the RVDA, the United States' RV dealers association and was inducted in the RV Hall of Fame.

Julie Calzone owns a national advertising and public relations firm, Calzone & Associates. She competes and breeds dressage horses, hunter/jumpers and thoroughbred racehorses. Through Calzone Sporthorse, she is marketing cutting and reining horses in Europe.

Equine Motorcoach owners spent nearly a year working with several manufacturers researching and engineering the right chassis to support a new type of horse transport vehicle for the United States. The new Equine Motorcoach combines the comfort and amenities of a top-of-the line RV with accommodations for horse transport and tack and supplies storage.

Kentuckiana's Premier Truck Center worked with Tom Stinnett of Tom Stinnett RV Freedom Center and Mark Lee of Lehel Coachbuilders to engineer a truck chassis that met with the U.S. Federal Highway standards relating to construction, brakes, crash safety and emissions.

Equine Motorcoach is built in Europe on the custom chassis specifically engineered by Volvo Trucks North America. Coaches are available in a 4-6 horse configuration. A 2-3 horse configuration on a smaller truck is due by the end of 2008. Every Equine Motorcoach is built to the customer's specifications including exterior finishes and interior amenities.

"It drives like a dream car," said Tom Stinnett. "The luxury of the interior is matched by the luxury of the ride."

What's in it for the horse?

The benefit for the horse is a ride as comfortable as human traveling in a car. They are less stressed and use a minimum of energy while traveling, especially when compared to conventional towed trailers (tag-a-long and/or gooseneck).

The flooring and the ventilation systems maximize the horse's comfort while traveling. When combined with the "air cushion" ride, there's no better way for the horse to travel, especially for long distances.

A groom can travel in an upper bunk in the horse transport section, so the horses can be monitored constantly. Cameras in the horse transport area allow the driver and passengers to monitor the horses without disturbing them.

The horses can be accessed from the RV portion of the Coach, so a visual check is possible.

Running red light interior lighting ensures that the horses can see easily, but will allow them to rest easier when traveling.

There are several access opportunities to the horses while they are in transport or stationery in the trailer. That means that the horses can be tended to easily while traveling - blankets, water, feed, hay, etc.

The ramp system and stalls allow for safe, easy and comfortable loading.

The sides and panels of the horse transport area are built so that if a horse kicks, they cannot penetrate it. The type of materials and construction used in the paneling cushions the kicks.

There is plenty of height and width so the horse travels in comfort.

Translucent, soft vinyl panels hang from the stall partitions to ensure a safer separation while at the same time allowing the horse to move its legs sideways for balance.

The interior provides for a quiet ride, shielding the horse for exterior road noises that can be stressful.

The transport provides a steadier ride so horses don't get anxious or stressed while anticipating the next move the transport will make.

Today's Equine Motorcoach combines the latest in Volvo chassis with the yacht-finish of Lehel Coach Builders. There is nothing like it in North America.

Another Kentucky Connection

Equine Motorcoach is "The Official Horse Transport Vehicle of the
United States Equestrian Federation, which is based in Lexington. The Federation governs equestrian sports in the U. S. and in involved in the sport at the Olympic, World Cup and World Equestrian Games.

"There is no other vehicle available that offers the innovation of an Equine Motorcoach," said USEF's Chief Operating Officer John Long.  "Equine Motorcoach will have a significant impact on the lives of equestrians by making it more comfortable and convenient to travel to horse shows.  In addition, every time a USEF member purchases an Equine Motorcoach, a portion of the sale helps to financially support USEF programs."

"There is nothing in the U.S. market as cool and innovative as the Equine Motorcoach," said Scott Carling, USEF managing director sponsorships and sales. "The Equine Motorcoach makes it convenient to travel with your horses in the comfort and style of a high-end RV."

Horses and their owners will travel and live in style.

For more information or to order an Equine Motorcoach go to: www.equinemotorcoach.com. Equine Motorcoach is currently on display in Louisville, Kentucky. To view the Coach, contact Tom Stinnett at 502-664-3300.

Photos available online from http://www.equinemotorcoach.com/Equine_Motorcoach/.

About Equine Motorcoach
The Equine Motorcoach is the only vehicle available in the U.S. that combines a recreational vehicle and horse trailer into one unit. The new Equine Motorcoach combines the comfort and amenities of a top-of-the-line RV with accommodations for horse transportation, including room for tack and other supplies.

Every Equine Motorcoach is built to the customer's specifications including exterior finishes and interior amenities. The final stage of the custom production of the Equine Motorcoach is completed in Europe, where these types of vehicles have been around for over a decade. Volvo Trucks North America is producing the truck chassis for the Equine Motorcoach. Equine Motorcoach is the official horse transport vehicle for the United States Equestrian Federation.


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